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XPHome/XPPro/Vista/Win7 Quad Boot - How To Remove Vista And Win7?


I then deleted the folder windows.old to create more space. And btw, I didn't criticize Vista at any point, I just know that I don't need it at the moment, and reckon there are many like me with sound XP systems: Click Delete and then Restart. Help anyone? have a peek here

Helpful +0 Report Spillage Oct 29, 2009 at 10:32 PM yep, rajputz method worked for me too. Does anyone know if the compatibility issues have been fixed with Windows 7?? Many thanks for the guide. blahblah never mind how much faster xp is or is not than vista/7.

How To Delete Windows 7 From Pc

Your files are most likely locked by Vista. so i felt confident in going to W7 64 Bit but altough it was faster in some ways, I just dont feel the power… it also is full of small bugs.I Now a happy bunny, and onto the next project of building a media pc to go into the living room for my music, film and picture library's.

Ed H Says: August 18th, 2009 at 3:13 am It's really simple guys. So try running that command whilst you're in Vista x64, which I presume will not work. My current user base of 25 has WinXP and... Remove Windows 7 After Installing Windows 10 Secondly, do I have to clean out or delete files in my Windows XP SP2 OS that is referencing Vista installs?

the windows xp setup said can't found hard drive. How To Uninstall Windows 7 Without Disc James Gentile Jimmy Jay - OK, go play with your MS-DOS on a used 486 (you can find them real cheap); the rest of us will move on. The big blessing was it virtually rebuilt my computer which then worked twice as fast as previously. It dosnt freeze up or get the Blue screen of death all the time.

Using the recovery console, and the bootcfg /add command I was able to assign all three operating systems into the boot menu, and all three work fine. How To Uninstall Windows 7 And Install Windows Xp Vista was released with out much. I have 2 Separate files the Win7RC 64x and Win7Enterprise 64x. My customer will never accept paying for newer faster equipment, and have a reduction in performance.

How To Uninstall Windows 7 Without Disc

Know a solution? When I posted last night it was late after a long day and I could not see the wood for the trees so to speak. How To Delete Windows 7 From Pc I’ve always wondered what kind of impact it has on the system. How To Uninstall Windows 7 Ultimate You should try the following software Spybot S&D Adaware Spyware Doctor I use these in conjunction with each other to clear my pc, they work very well.

It took ~30-45 minutes. Propaganda about 7 made joe think ohhh it must be good. Guaranteed 5-10 less fps in Vista/Win7 vs 32bit XP using DX9. That's worth 10% performance, let alone 1-2%. How To Uninstall And Reinstall Windows 7

sort of.. Too much new stuff, wastes ok older stuff, shortens man's time on this planet. If anything they are only used to make things look better, and not very ‘useful'.I agree 64-bit vs 32-bit isn't a fair comparison. Check This Out View all 40 comments Report gd- Nov 10, 2008 at 10:41 AM With any of these machines, you don't want to disable ACHI, even if the bios lets you.

please advise Report Daniel- Dec 31, 2008 at 10:43 AM I just wanted to reiterate that changing the sata disk mode from ACHI to Compatibility on an L300 will allow you How To Uninstall Windows 7 And Install Windows 8 We know that early on there was a problem with OpenGL in Vista, and supposedly it was fixed, but obviously it appears there’s still some problems with both Vista and 7 I am able to boot from USB this much I know, I have done it many times.

I think this would be incentive enough to keep people on XP.

These programs are used by my customers to control machine tools, and or receive data from car diagnostic equipment. Mike Says: August 25th, 2009 at 12:55 pm Hamranhansenhansen that is some of the most UNINFORMED comments that I have read in quite awhile. Thanks in advance. How To Uninstall Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit I'm encountering the same problems as with misalasa (September 30, 2009 at 10:32 am message)I've also commented there, so please do check it out you you guys got the time!Thanks!

I did not like the idea of upgrading my Windows XP operating system to Vista because I felt that Windows Vista was new and probably would have similar problems to Windows If I bought a $400 Vista/7 machine, would the performance be back to what I'm getting with Win98??? (LOL, remember 233 MHz MMX?) Matt XP Pro 32! In network computing, you're expected to be a good citizen of the network. this contact form Hope they keep it that way, but it is Vista 2.5 James Gentile For perhaps 1% or 2% more performance overall, you're recommending XP as the best OS?

It's way more work. Calculators can play ski-free. the ribbon appears to be another boobytrap perpetrated by apple (the dock). faster data transfer between the GPU and computer.Very similar performance across all operating systems, so close that you’d never ‘feel’ the differences in the real world.

Most people who are considering the (upgrade?) change from windows XP to 7 are using a 32bit OS with a very high chance of having a 64bit capable CPU, changing to