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Yoga 510 - Great With Linux Apart From Touchscreen


Please don't fill out this field. When you select the new device the code crashes because you try to free a non-allocated string (DEFAULT_DEVICE_FOR_TOUCH). Such a result would be acceptable for a low-price device. When looking at memory consumption in 'htop' I noticed that when this happened, Calc started using enormous amounts of memory each time I went into such a cell. Check This Out

Conservation Mode limits your battery charge to 55-60% to increase the duration for which you can get the maximum out of your battery. I'll try to make it run for few minutes and see what happens. We like their resistance. LoadIdle 27.9 °C42.9 °C40.9 °C26.9 °C36.5 °C36.5 °C25.3 °C27.6 °C31 °C Maximum: 42.9 °CAverage: 32.8 °C 39.1 °C45.4 °C28.6 °C41.5 °C41.2 °C27.1 °C33.4 °C31.4 °C27.3 °C Maximum: 45.4 °CAverage: 35 °C

Lenovo Yoga 510 Review

The flat and smooth keys have limited travel and a well-defined pressure point. Thanks :) #57 Written By mbgoth on June 21st, 2015 @ 17:30 Oh man, I just lost 3 hours tinkering with this until I found your Post! I got immediately hit with the issue of xournal crashing when done editing a text box, which has been reported here.

I am not sure I am competent to do anything here, but I'll take a look. So far, Lenovo has not offered any special, optional accessories for the convertible. However that's just a first indication that guarantees nothing as we shall see later. Lenovo Yoga 710 Ubuntu I had to do this for my laptop, frustrating.

Wifi was working fine till last week. Lenovo Yoga 510 14 There are volume hardware keys on the side of the Yoga 3 11" as well which work as they are supposed to and are probably most useful in tablet mode. I may have newer BIOS and they have blacklist this card. Installation went flawlessly, no issues.

For example, theDell Inspironis 1 cm wider and slightly thicker than the Yoga 510. Lenovo Yoga 900 Ubuntu supports the camera out of the box and Skype uses the camera without any further configuration. The Business Edition version of the Lenovo Yoga 900[17] is primarily differentiated from the standard model through its implementation of enterprise grade security via a Trusted Platform Module chip and accompanying It seems to be, that on Lenovo Yoga 13, the ACPI interface, which is responsible for reporting the Wifi's buttons state, always reports that it's in flight mode.

Lenovo Yoga 510 14

However, as the test model did not boast any such characteristics, we believe it is made mostly of plastic material, which is not inherently a disadvantage, as the case feels nice. The webcam did not produce an image, but we believe this to be due to driver issues (can be fixed with an update).Left: Kensington, power, USB 2.0, audio in/out, SD card Lenovo Yoga 510 Review First, empty ideapad_sync_rfk_state() completely, by turning it into static void ideapad_sync_rfk_state(struct ideapad_private *priv) { } This function reads VPCCMD_R_RF and calls rfkill_set_hw_state() accordingly, but on Yoga 2 it will always block Lenovo Yoga Linux Compatibility Another bug I'd like to figure out is the drawing area being unresponsive to touch/mouse/...

So a session like this is expected: $ make make -C /lib/modules/3.13.0-32-generic/build SUBDIRS=/home/eli/yoga-wifi-fix modules make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/linux-headers-3.13.0-32-generic' CC [M] /home/eli/yoga-wifi-fix/ideapad-laptop.o Building modules, stage 2. We expected the run times, which, for example, the Dell Inspiron 13 offers with its 44 Wh battery. I might never buy a lenovo again.. However, if you keep your fingers dry, the screen will work reliably, even recognizing input in its furthest corners. Lenovo Yoga 500

lsusb reports two devices (other than hubs): acer 5986:0711, which appears to be the webcam and amd 0438:7900. Wifi seems quite stable on my Yoga 2 under Ubuntu 14.04. This cycling frequency should ideally be undetectable to the human eye. this contact form Thanks again. #17 Written By Roy Tanck on September 18th, 2014 @ 13:51 This needs to be re-applied each time the kernel is upgraded. #18 Written By eli on September 18th,

Next, in debugfs_status_show() which prints out /sys/kernel/debug/ideapad/status, remove the following three lines: if (!read_ec_data(priv->adev->handle, VPCCMD_R_RF, &value)) seq_printf(s, "Radio status:\t%s(%lu)\n", value ? "On" : "Off", value); Having these changes made, the Wifi Dell Xps 13 Nvidia's counterpart of the Radeon GPU is theGeForce 930MGPU. Then join our Team!

Yoga 710[edit] Lenovo announced the Yoga 710 at the Mobile World Congress in 2016.

As can be seen easily from the rkfill list above, each of the physical devices are registered twice as rfkill devices: Once by their driver, and a second time by the Is this compiling for the wrong architecture or something? In particular this post suggests to insmod the module once with a hack that forces the Wifi on, and then blacklist it. Linux Laptop I have been a bit disappointed by the fact that the performance of goocanvas is not at part with the one of libgnomecanvas. :( Once a page has a lot of

You seem to have CSS turned off. After that, scrolling up and down on a web page works like one expects on a tablet. Indeed, it is not every day that we have an 800 Euro (~$848) notebook that gets 5 out of 5 stars for workmanship.Lenovo Yoga 510Lenovo Yoga 510Lenovo Yoga 510Lenovo Yoga 510Lenovo They aren't installed by default on most distributions.