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X250 Ethernet SLOWER After Driver Update


Then reboot. I would check power usage with powertop and make sure you've got no 'bad' indicators on the 'Tunables' tab (actually I think I still have one bad). Reply ↓ plotfi January 28, 2013 at 2:22 am You are listing all things that pretty much any comercial (not proprietary) OS is doing. The new Mint-Y theme and icons can't update correctly.

They Lenovo software udpate tool thinks I already the latest and greatest. Of course you can fail back and make a bootable USB if you get stuck but that's not a very good long term solution. I noticed that Fedora and Ubuntu has gotten worse in terms of performance and usability. And if you ever feel like doing a clean install, second time around should only take an hour or two.

Slow Internet After Windows 10 Update

I was consideing just buying a replacement battery, but I wasn't able to find one under $200 including shipping and I got a really good deal on a top of the Reply ↓ micah Post authorFebruary 3, 2013 at 12:09 pm Interesting. Software Manager's searchbox doesn't look good in Mint-Y Dark Controls theme when you start typing in it. 3. MBA also has better connectivity and audio.On the other hand, MBA's monitor is a complete joke compared to the one on ASUS UX305. natch 418 days ago There are third

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Register Help Remember Me? So, I don't understand how Ubuntu is "easier". Great documentation, great upgrade methods and overall as happy as I could be. Windows 10 Slow Download Speeds She also needed a new HDD so I put in an SSD and the machine is surprisingly zippy with the latest OS X. ekianjo 418 days ago For the Asus

If RMS doesn't like it, that's his problem, not mine. Windows 10 Unstable Wifi These additional icons do not appear with a Mint-Y theme, so this renders useless for me. Another thing that most people aren't aware of is microsofts method to make applications ‘seem' to launch faster is to load the most used applications into memory upon boot. The colors, the anti-glare, and the picture quality from all angles, it's just really well done.

Been using 17.3 for a while, and earlier ones before, with a colour modified Numix theme. Windows 10 Slow Internet Chrome The version of Photoshop I use for my business cannot function in Wine- the menu's are all screwed up and so its either turn to windows or run Gimp which I'm But YMMV. coldtea 418 days ago >That depends on your taste. I'm not really a fan of these names either 🙂 Falconet says: June 9th, 2016 at 9:19 pm Doesn’t work on my AMD A8-6500 PC.

Windows 10 Unstable Wifi

Came and collected at my work, and returned it within 3 days. johnchristopher 418 days ago I join the others in praising ASUS support in Europe. All in all, not great. Slow Internet After Windows 10 Update I suspect the model with the beefier resolution and touch screen wouldn't do as well. lqdc13 418 days ago Macbook Pro is the first laptop that I've ever owned that Cfosspeed Internet Accelerator + Ping Optimizer It seems that my WinPE boot image did not have the SATA controller drivers up to date.

Which exact models?I might need an additional laptop soon and would love to know about anything comparable to a MBP 13 retina but doesn't have any vents on the bottom. this contact form fiber optic module model 3. If you press Ctrl+L or look under the Tools Menu, you've got an "Error Lookup". It's not great but IIRC I was getting better on Windows so it might be a software issue. ekianjo 418 days ago > It was a piece of proprietary SanDisk Cfosspeed For Faster Internet Connections (ndis 6)

My utmost and sincere thanks to everybody who has worked to produce this release…you guys are the very best! Other than, so far, great release ! It has the same issue.   Regards, Steffen 0 0 06/15/15--09:08: Re: I218-LM ping times go through the roof after a couple of seconds on Lenovo x250 and T450s Contact us I upgraded to the non bluetooth intel card, everything is fantastic now. mbrock 418 days ago Yeah, Broadcom.

With every new release there always was someone who complained about the "boring default wallpaper". Windows 10 Slow Wifi windows 7 wireless driver don't run on 10. It's a 13" 1080p screen, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Core i5 processor.

This means when something fails, you can tell at a glance which boot image was used and troubleshooting accordingly.

I've distro hopped quite a bit. Reply ↓ Ben February 3, 2013 at 9:47 am Just out of curiosity, have you added Ubuntu repos to your Debian installation? Is it possible to start GIMP in singel window mode by default? Windows 10 Slow Internet 2016 The new themes, especially the darker theme is a blessing to my eyes.(nearly blind from white/light themes.

Last 3 should be Mint-Y, Mint-Y Darker, Mint-Y Dark. Keep in mind I only owned the thing for 6 months so still in warranty.Best they would offer is an out of warranty repair.I know someone with the same model, exact I run mine with display brightness fairly low, 20% or 30%, but it's still has comparable brightness to my other main laptop's (Lenovo x220) full brightness. ekianjo 418 days ago Logged Sigurd Fastenrath Sr.

CENTSOARER says: June 10th, 2016 at 2:35 pm Hi, Linux team! MINT thought it was empty (it was full and the UPS not engaged) and decided to shut itself off, but did some really weird things instead. You can only pick one. Now I'm planning to switch to Debian rather than upgrade to Ubuntu 13.10.

No other distro I've found gets bluetooth right . It has a few and 100% or closely compatible program that is free, in which on Windows it cost 100′s (or thousands) of dollars. Removed and reinstalled from Oracle and it cleared up the problem. A huge part of the pain of being a web developer is having to support crusty, ancient web browsers.

I just can't help myself, it's daily routine. All rights reserved Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Browser Compatibility Remember Me? sitting outside in 30C summer in shorts.Well, anyone that wears shorts and sandals and is over 20, deserves it.>Current rMBP is unusable outside in summer due to hot chasis...Maybe sit on The one in the 18 beta doesn't feel as integrated at all 🙁 Edit by Clem: cinnamon-bluetooth is dead, it only worked with gnome-bluetooth 3.10.

I could've sworn you dilliberately said Linux Mint would not be jumping on that bandwagon… Well, Flat GTK theme aside, I see some changes to Cinnamon that I am liking a Like if I want to purge mintwelcome, I just can't do it… Even if I set it to manually installed. Thanks a lot for the hard luck, good luck and keep up being No 1 in the Linux World. Reply ↓ John Smith January 28, 2013 at 5:01 am Chiming in with Arch as well, it really is worth considering.

But if will regain it's full operating speed.