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XavierGaming's Free Gaming Optimized Configuration - UPDATE 10


Go to where you saved the log and click on "Edit > Select All" then click on "Edit > Copy" then Paste the log back here in a reply.DO NOT have This might seem equivalent to the function of Toolwiz TimeFreeze, however system snapshots and system images are fundamentally different backup methods. The instructions for the NIC-id are clear now, thanks!Click to expand... Relevancy 44.29% Q: SVC host.exe error message-windows update, configuration problem Windows update was interrupted yesterday and now I'm getting all kinds of errors.1-SVChost.exe application error Instruction at 0x745f2780 referenced memory

Microsoft is sick of you not upgrading, and has a solution: Windows 10 will be the final "version" of Windows. unfortunately, if you still have the error but you're trying to do a clean installation on a fresh hard drive, I dont have the answer. SP1 UPDATE Failed configuration reverting changes Had this problem on machines I read and tried all the fixes changes Failed !!SOLVED!! have is also first priority so if and for a given ID number has the same priority then has to be returned but if has the highest priority then that has

Windows 10 Tweaks For Gaming Performance

Give them a go and let us know what you think! System Specs Intel i7 6700k CPU [Overclocked] @ 4.6GHz - UK | US Pro Evo 212 Coolermaster CPU Cooler - UK | US 32GB DDR4 3000mhz Viper Elite Ram - UK After much testing I found that I get FRACTIONAL improvements consistently with a 4GB Pagefile on a 2nd drive & NO page file on my main or gaming drives. For CPUs & Ram you should do some research into your exact hardware, cpu, motherboard and all that jazz BUT there are some simpler safer Desktop Overclocking tools that you can

I will be purchasing from delhi so tell me the best configuration I can have in this budget........ The effect of this is better performance in games & quicker response in general. Thanks a lot My system info: Asus K56CM, Ram : 4gb, CPU i5 3317U, 1.7Ghz. Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming Reddit BUT do this as WITH ALL THE OTHER OVERCLOCKING AT YOUR OWN RISK And make sure you always Test your Overclocks Test your overclocks to make sure your system is stable

And he was never heard from again BoredGamerUK, Aug 14, 2016 BoredGamerUK, Aug 14, 2016 #20 Brim Stone likes this. (You must log in or sign up to reply here.) This might seem equivalent to the function of Toolwiz TimeFreeze, however system snapshots and system images are fundamentally different backup methods. A:XavierGaming's Free Gaming Optimized Configuration - UPDATE 6 Forgot to mention that this configuration uses very little system resources Relevancy 95.89% Q: XavierGaming's Configuration - UPDATE 11 MY GOALMy For Intel Chipsets A Helpful Intel Overclocking Guide For AMD Chipsets A Helpful AMD Overclocking Article Graphics Card Overclocking This is much safer and easier than CPU Overclocking As with CPUs

Mouse acceleration needs to be turned off for gaming otherwise you are aiming.Click to expand... Windows 10 Gaming Tweaks Reddit Relevancy 46.01% Q: Best Update Configuration Advice Hey guys, I had an Updating issue recently and am still not clear on the best settings for the Update Settings? It was slooow. Read more.

How To Optimize Windows 10 For Performance

This will open up your Registry Editor. Advertisement Once you’ve tracked down the folder with the IP Address of your Internet connection, right-click on the folder and select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value. Windows 10 Tweaks For Gaming Performance Boot from the CD.2. Disable Nagle’s Algorithm Windows 10 I recommend you consider installing: 1.) Consider MCShield which is an anti-malware with world class heuristics and outstanding signatures which waits until you insert external storage into your computer (pointless if

A Radeon HD 5770 will be more than enough. this contact form A:XavierGaming's Free Security Config UPDATED *Handpicked by MT members* Forgot to mention that this configuration uses very little system resources Relevancy 69.66% Q: Optimized for gaming I'm a very BoredGamerUK said: ↑ I recommend disabling some of the Visual effects in Windows, it make Windows faster and more responsive and gives a bit more performance, it’s also in:Click to expand... Stay logged in [REDACTED] A Star Citizen Community Home Forums > Public Forums > Tutorials, Guides & FAQs > Welcome to [REDACTED]! Windows 10 Gaming Tweaks 2016

Malwarebytes'2. Im going to experiment with it when I get back to my main PC, thanks! My sound is only working when the error message pops up.3-Generic host process for Win32 services has encountered probelm needs to close.(this occurs when I boot up computer)4-unable to create C:/document have a peek here Plus you can create a batch file to stop the services before running the game and another one to start the services when you have finished with the game...this works out Relevancy 45.58% Q: windows could not update the boot configuration hii have created a usb flash via rufus software for setup win 10 in uefi mode then boot my labtop Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming 2016 A:Solved: AVG Free Update Configuration Maybe try uninstalling it and reinstalling it? All graphics cards, no matter how old or new, benefit from continually updated drivers.

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One note though: In addition to the snapshot software you have (Toolwiz TimeFreeze) you should also add a specialized system imaging software, such as AOMEI Backupper Standard or Macrium Reflect Free Read More with Steam already. In fact you could even consider the cheaper HD 4770 / 4850 for your system. Nagle's Algorithm Gaming Come 2016, many people will wake up to a new operating system, despite never having consented to the upgrade.

My M3A76-CM motherboard has an overclocking software in it called Jumper free configuration. Relevancy 44.29% Q: Optimized Router Does anyone know tips for optimizing my router? Type: cd snapshotPress Enter.NOTICE: Now the command prompt will look like this:c:\system~1\resto~1\rp9\snapshotNote : restore point 9 assumed for clarity of the content.13. Check This Out Windows 10 is a great OS for gamers because it incorporates many useful features and programs Windows 10 Is for Gamers: 6 Features You Will Love Windows 10 Is for Gamers:

I could try and help configure the build for you. In SystemProfile, create a DWORD value and name it to “NetworkThrottlingIndex” Set it’s Hexadecimal value to ffffffff for gaming and max throughput. If you have loads of Ram some people recommend having no pagefile, though some applications require a page file to operate optimally. It freezes when it is not lurching, and this happens every time I employ it.

BoredGamerUK BoredGamer Premium User Content Creator BoredGamer Mod Messages: 516 Likes Received: 349 Trophy Points: 63 DoomDutch said: ↑ This needs to be elaborated, as it is quite unclear. Having Nagle’s algorithm enabled on your computer may contribute to latency issues when playing games online. Installation cannot proceed."Any suggestions what needs to be done to correct this condition?rjkloo A:Vista won't update boot configuration Relevancy 45.15% Q: system restore update configuration loop Help Had an incomplete I recommend having a Page File on a separate drive or secondary drive.

Andrew999 Level 18 Joined: Dec 17, 2014 Messages: 883 Likes Received: 8,527 OS: Windows 10 looks good to me it looks a bit like mine. Android OS is Lollipop. any suggestions would be appreciated...going nuts. Once you’ve created the values, double-click on each and set their parameters to 1.

General Gaming Tweaks Online Gaming Tweaks System Tweaks Basic Overclocking (BETA) Programs & Settings Why Windows 10 Why Windows 10 over 7 or 8.1? I had a hard time searching for the software I need... To prevent Steam from downloading updates for largely-unused games right-click on each of the installed games in your Library in question and select Properties. IOBIT SystemCare Helps Keep Your Computer Clean & Optimized, I use it a lot and it's available as both Freeware and paid for versions.

But first, make sure your firewall is not blocking AVG from updating! This thread is so bookedmarked. Some swear by faster gaming without lag when adjusting for higher performance, while others will not note any difference with changing their PC power settings. A:XavierGaming's Free Security Config UPDATE 3 *Handpicked by MT members* Forgot to mention that this configuration uses very little system resources Relevancy 77.4% Q: XavierGaming's Configuration - Work in

Any ideas?