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X1 Carbon 3rdGen DeepSleep Fails On Windows 10

I've learned how to customize the Windows registry settings to make it mostly cooperate with what I want and they were mostly fixed by the time Windows 10 was released.I've actually Chris Tyler says March 30, 2015 at 10:27 am I have the same laptop and am quite pleased with it (though having to carry dongles for VGA -- still used in There are pages which attempt to do this. aside: for some reason, I seemed to have become obsessed with fingerprint readers at the time; probably for the coolness factor. have a peek at this web-site

The newer asus zenbooks are the UX303 and the UX32A. You need to make sure it has the A03 bios (It is easy enough to flash the bios if it does not) . All rights reserved Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Browser Compatibility Skip to main content Windows Central Forums Ask a Question New Posts Trending Discussions Windows Tablets & Laptops Windows It seems that it requires a bunch of dependencies.

If Windows could offer a worry-free OS like Yosemite, Linux wouldn't exist. Squish. A refurbished T440s from the Lenovo website with the multitouch IPS screen is $780. Thankfully, after poking and prodding enough people I was able to get specifications and implement driver support.

or know a solution?EDIT: if I try to turn on within few minutes of sleep, it will come back without an issue. You can also make a separate ntfs partition for windows, but this is requires a little more effort. No IPS panels. However it also happened on my Fedora 21 Desktop, so it may be Fedora related and not laptop specific..

Seems like a good deal for the previous version. Err 80004005 - 20005, or something like that. I highly recommend it. I tried going full time Linux about 3 years back but needed excel for work and had to switch back to OSX.

Edited /etc/fstab and did a bunch of mount binds, especially my arch partitions. It definitely reads the .vimrc though. And Linux is as impressive as hell for what it is. Sure, I use the Surfaces (Pro 3, 3 LTE) and Dell XPS 13 often too but when I need to get work done, I go to the X1 for a few

Oh, the screen is touchscreen too which helps if you are developing for things with touch screens. The only problem I have with xfce 4.12 is power management, since suspend and hibernate management are disabled. There is a cinnamon setting to allow cinnamon to scale icon sizes so it works better relative to panel sizes. I've got an HP ZBook G2 15 and a ThinkPad T440s and it happens to both machines. temac 235 days ago I've got a T530 and this does not happen.

That's pretty good. I'm at the recompiling kernel drivers stage. Super simple to get setup. criddell 235 days ago That's one of the reasons I've been recommending Apple computers to friends and family. The IPS multitouch display is also a bit cheaper on this one.

Power management The gnome-powermanager and acpid work well with each other, except for hibernate. So I edited /usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/statusIconDispatcher.js and removed the line // 'nm-applet': 'network', It's not completely obvious, but the arch wiki page says that NetworkManger is started through dbus. Reply Chris Tyler says April 1, 2015 at 5:06 am Oh, this thing can run Windows? Mathematica install.

kinda of a waste of the macbook, kind of like someone taking a solaris box, and loading linux on it. There are two ssd slots on the T450s, both m.2 ssds. One issue I'm having is that xfce4 power manager appears to steer clear of suspend and hibernate protocols.

Once NetworkManager is enabled, it pretty much takes over and netctl does not work.

Has a good keyboard and seems to have better reviews that the X series. If you break things, run ppa purge. It also has a fingerprint reader. And I would not be against extra autonomy, of course, but it is already correct with a big 9 cells battery.I've started to look at current models to see if I

I'm not on 4.0 yet. They say that the latitudes have good keyboards. Unfortunately Dell has not been very consistent in that regard. meddlepal 235 days ago Slightly off-topic:Do people really notice coil whine that much? have a peek here C'mon broadcom..

After a long, long wait. I have a late 2014 Thinkpad yoga and I would expect better driver support than this 0 1 year ago Reply Mark Kaplan I've been running 10240 on my Carbon X Nice screen, preferably IPS, at least Full HD (1920×1080) with, optionally, a touchscreen. The trackpoint (also called "keyboard nipple") is fine but I can't use it worth a darn.

This is quite amazing in arch. Read next:Apple announces new MacBook Pro In a previous article, I addressed the point that being first to launch a new product or technology is no guarantee of success. If so which venue did you use? Do a dpkg -I skype to get the files it installs.

Storage You can get the PCI-e storage option with 512GB but the high price tag hurts. Automatically switches between ethernet and wifi. Incredibly annoying to the point that I'm still using the legacy one. Before rebooting, however, install wpa_supplicant, vim (or gvim), dialog and wifi-menu (although for some reason I could not find wifi-menu in the repos).

Then I called Lenovo, and it turns out that they gave pretty good educational and business discounts. I downloaded the source from the gnome-staging ppa. Reply benzipperer says April 4, 2015 at 11:28 am Were you able to get HDMI audio? Some guy also loved the 1080p screen so far, and hasn't had to do any special so far.

The laptop will bring to me next week. The errors are GPU HANG: code 0:0x00f000c Ring hung, action: reset stuck on rendering vim-gnome segfaults, sigh. The display rotates and it also becomes a tablet.