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X1 Carbon Under Warranty Repair At QSL Sydney

W4, K4 — Thomas M. receiver must be tuned to cover each of the ham bands. MAER, JR W0IC 740 Lafayette St., Denver. The two outer controls are centered 2 inches from the band- switch shaft. have a peek at this web-site

at 45 volts to 20 ma. no high frequency ringing. No. 26, Chalmers University of Technology, 1952. The reverse is also true.

Vice-JHrector: ReKinald K. All you have to do is send your QSL manager (see list below) a stamped self- addressed envelope about 434 by ^M, inches in size, with your name and address in C Rocky Mountain Division CLAUDE M.

Equipment is com- pletely homebuilt, following designs presented in The Radio Amateur's Handbook. The top cover (actually a bottom plate for the chassis, and not shown in the photographs) is a flat piece of aluminum measuring 7 by 9 inches. VE4 — Len Cuff. Central Division HARRY M.

Technical Direcfor GEORGE GRAMMER, W 1 DP 38 La Salle Road, West Hartford, Connecticut Technical Consultanf PHILIP S. will vary from about 550 to 1550 kc. — the usual tuning range of the b.c. SCMs also desire applications for SEC, EC, RM and PAM where vacancies exist. Plate power re- quirements are easily handled by the car- receiver supply, or even a small B battery, if the operator wants to avoid tampering with the b.c.

Davis W8EY. 247 Highland Ave., Salem, Ohio Hudson Division GEORGE V. These circuits consist of slug-cored coils tuned by the tube capacitances. Vice-Director: George E. The tail of the bandswitch shaft should be cut off close to the last wafer, to leave space for J3, but the two assembly screws should be allowed to extend through

receiver is used as a tunable i.f., eliminating the problem of providing suitable controls and space often involved with tunable converters. Ji, J2 — RCA-type phono jack. One is at the junction of the cold ends of the two 10-meter coils, one for the 3.5- and 7-Mc. Acceptance for mailing at special rate of postage provided for In section 1102, Act of October 3. 1917, authorized September 9, 1922.

SCHMIDT W0OZ1 306 S. Check This Out They gave the statistical result shown in Fig. 9, showing a pronounced tendency for the echoes to have ranges of 500 km. It’s bright, touch responsive and durable. James, Man.

R. At the center of each of the two squares toward the front a hole is drilled for a 1-inch 6-32 screw. January 1955 converter to the bottom cover of the b.c. Source Jones Peter Mclntyre 10706-57th Ave. 981 West 26th Ave.

They are placed between S2e. The transmitter is a 50-watt crystal rig using Heising modulation on 'phone and buffer-filament keying on c.w. BUDLONG, WIBUD Editor HAROLD M.

Once again as we come to the close of a year we find that amateur radio can take pride in an outstanding performance, through the organized activities of its national association,

WOODRUFF, W8CMP, 1936-1940 GEORGE W. With this information, one can better predict when auroral signals can be expected, or putting it another way — when no auroral propagation should be observed. Leonard E. BUDLONG, W1BUD 38 La Salle Rood, West Hartford, Connecticut Treasurer DAVID H.

These experiments show that auroral echoes are (1) from targets at great distances, probably at a height of about 100 kilometers, and (2) from low angles of elevation, no matter where All rights reserved Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Browser Compatibility TwitterGplusFacebookRss RegisterLog In Home About Us All Products Laptops / Notebooks Lenovo Laptops Lenovo Online HP Laptops MSI Delayed AVC. The new G-E tube you buy is a first-grade product in every case.

GambiU, W5WI, 2514 N. any tubes that fail in final tests are destroyed as completely unusable. The Yx 6- inch holes are for adjustment of the 28-Mc.