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XPS 13 (9350) DE Ubuntu 14.04 Error


Finally, test under Windows if you can. Though pinch to zoom doesn't work, single finger scroll does. Reply mrjones 7 months ago Permalink M - I use VicTsing USB-C to DisplayPort adapter (just a dongle, no other ports) and it works good. I've had good luck with the Samsung EVO SSDs - and they're highly rated; it got 4.7 stars on 800+ reviews on Amazon. Source

Does it mean I cshouldn't follow these instructions? hg8 Hello BlastStu. But in Ubuntu 15.10 touchpad palm detection was not activated after installation and the touchpad was a nightmare to use. The second is that you should totally use iFixit's XPS 13 tear down guide as a how to for opening this laptop.

Install Ubuntu On Xps 13 9350

Anyone else having this? The straw that broke the camel's back was seeing factory refurbished ones with 16GB of RAM, 512GB of disk, an i7, a Dell 1 year warranty and that gorgeous QHD+ resolution Screen resolution (QHD+ Display) See my post : Optimize Ubuntu interface scaling on HDiPI screen.

Reply mrjones 3 weeks ago Permalink dennis-360ict - I haven't solved palm detection, so I don't have any better settings, sorry. We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox. All gists GitHub Sign up for a GitHub account Sign in Create a gist now Instantly share code, notes, Enter the following commands in the terminal window to install them cd $HOME sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-4.0.0-xps13_*.deb sudo dpkg -i linux-image-4.0.0-xps13_*.deb sudo dpkg -i linux-firmware-image-4.0.0-xps13_*.deb cd /lib sudo mv firmware firmware-old Install Ubuntu 16.04 On Dell Xps 13 It makes sense that the clean DE 9350 version running Dell's 14.04 would have touch working well while a "hacked" windows version like mine running stock 16.04 would have touch not

Thank you for your understanding. Install Ubuntu On Xps 13 9360 When I resume, it gave me an error "suspend/failure" error. I still have issues with the trackpad, went all over internet and tried a bunch of things and now i "lost" the right click…. My system is up to date.

I am not 100% sure, but I think before adding the bluetooth firmware I got flicker with Bluetooth ON as well. Dell Xps 13 Ubuntu Install Open the dash and start "Startup Applications". CEW I tried but they had no idea. I've now installed 15.10, then attempted to install the .deb file, but it fails saying: Bad return status for module build on kernel is not supported.

Install Ubuntu On Xps 13 9360

Since my previous post, Dell released the official developers edition of the XPS 13, which ships with ubuntu 14.04 (and it is ~70€ cheaper for the same hardware!). In the "Create partition" window, pick a size for your swap partition (4096 or 8192 MB), set the location to "end of this space" and pick Use as: "swap area". Install Ubuntu On Xps 13 9350 It would allow you to run a perfectly generic Ubuntu install against your existing hardware. Dell Xps 13 Ubuntu Wifi Problem It looks like there's some PS/2 vs Native twiddling that might improve palm detection, but I'm happy with it as is given it's status quo for me.

Switch to the input tab to check if that also lists the "Internal Microphone". this contact form When the compilation is done you wil end up with 5 .deb images in your home folder. Could you please report this problem following the 1.1 - DRM Kernel instructions verbatim at ? Just in case I mess up or for some reason want to return to windows10. Dell Xps 13 9350 Developer Edition

I recently come across this : Update the system : sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade Bluetooth To make Bluetooth work properly you have to install the Broadcom firmware. cutalion Just in time! Though it can't quite do 4k (resolution shows in "Displays", but my Dell won't show an image), it will do all resolutions below that.

Hi everyone! Dell Xps 13 Ubuntu 16.04 Wifi In your case it isn't the browser for sure. Also, that headset is only $6.67 on amazon, so a good deal if you need a low profile headset.

Start up a terminal and enter xinput The Virtual core pointer should have only two items: Virtual core XTEST pointer DLL0665:01 06CB:76AD UNKNOWN if it lists a third item with PS2

Writing just parts of the name will show up alternatives. I updated to the Intel card and it fixed it in Windows too. If you want to use it regardless. Ubuntu Xps 13 9360 git bisect skip 8bfcd31065a60ffba9e600fafd62bbd90ff0895a # skip: [693a63075524374165196137ca4b952a6afd5265] drm/i915/kbl: Add Kabylake GT4 PCI ID git bisect skip 693a63075524374165196137ca4b952a6afd5265 # good: [34f091b3d14dadd9ef8d1f8a678656aed759fe33] UBUNTU: SAUCE: radeon: r100: Silence 'may be used uninitialized' warnings git

Affecting: linux (Ubuntu) Filed here by: Thomas Bonfort When: 2016-03-08 Confirmed: 2016-03-16 Started work: 2016-06-27 Completed: 2016-06-27 Target Distribution Baltix BOSS Juju Charms Collection Elbuntu Guadalinex Guadalinex Edu Kiwi Linux nUbuntu I am testing several test versions of it. But I'm still waiting it 🙁 Franco This guide has been a ton of help! I recently gave a try to Arch Linux and I am really happy with it.

Are you facing any similar issue? Zed I installed 16.04 on my xps13 9343 and the Broadcom worked no prob. You can create a single Ext4 partition with mount point "/", have a separate home partition, and/or create a swap partition. Reply mrjones 5 months ago Permalink neub - oh, cool, good to hear!

The touch screen doesn't work after suspend. Are you using an proprietary (or just non-stock) video drivers? That is the reason I won't add this to the guide.