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XPS 13 9350 Latest BIOS Stopped Mine From Sleeping


thanks a ton. It's a bit blurry, but getting use to it. It request a password or PIN. There's also the coil whine issue, which my particular unit didn't suffer from, but other do.The UHD screen is a power hog, we have a review of the 9350 with Iris

Don't think I want to invest any more money into Dell devices, so it will have to serve as an expensive paper weight after all. It'll cost under $30 and be a lot easier than swapping out the SSD. I'm looking for the (superior?) battery life of Dell XPS 13, the same GPU as Surface Pro 4 and the touchscreen. Perhaps Google should help.On the other hand, this is how you reset a Windows computer: .

Install Ubuntu On Xps 13 9350

Create bootable USB key Download Ubuntu 15.10 and create your bootable USB key using your favorite tool (Rufus, Unetbootin, Linux Live USB creator, etc…). Thx Ano Nym Suddenly my wifi (broadcom) can not be enabled. Search first - avoid reposting. You cant put the device to sleep or even restart it without it having problems.

Also, that headset is only $6.67 on amazon, so a good deal if you need a low profile headset. For my installation I used Rufus with the following settings : GPT partition scheme for UEFI computers FAT32 (Default) 8192 bytes (Default) Quick format II - Installation If you have a Broadcom wireless Another commenter mentioned they had a problem with their microphone too. Install Ubuntu On Xps 13 9360 I was expecting the same.  I have a new Dell 7510 from my company and the it requires a double restart.  When coming back from sleep or even full shutdown, it

I tried the following steps but none of them has worked for me : 1- I tried uninstalling that driver from device manager and reinstalling it but this didn't work. 2- SSD's seem to need special care, so can't use any old wipe drive program. Click Finish. Now it has become so bad that the screen goes blank in any position and the devise is useless.

I actually have the 9350 right now and I'll post a follow-up update in about a week.I don't think there's a better alternative than this one. Install Ubuntu 16.04 On Dell Xps 13 While looking for a solution for that problem I found that comparable problems happened with other BIOS upgrades for i.e. The 250GB on is under $100. Try to install tlp (sudo apt-get install tlp).

Dell Xps 13 Ubuntu Install

I suggest anyone using the 9343 upgrade to Windows 10 ASAP (if you've not done so yet).The reason for a lot of the trackpad issues ,IMO, was Dell trying to get The battery’s design capacity is a little over 52Wh. Install Ubuntu On Xps 13 9350 Dell updated them like a week ago and for what ever reason when you plug the core in it tells you that this device isn't compatible with an external GPU. Dell Xps 13 Ubuntu 16.04 Wifi Reply jonathan 8 months ago Permalink does your microphone work?

Best of luck! this contact form DrHaas said: ↑ I've had little success. Reply Andrei Girbea October 12, 2015 at 8:21 pmI'm pretty sure the keyboard is identical, but I can't comment on the others. I have an NVIDIA Geforce EVGA GTX 970 SSC im using with it. Ubuntu 16.04 Dell Xps 13 9343

I'm going to keep trying just because that's how i am. Maybe as a comment to your guide, the installation of the broadcom driver was only working for me after manually installing its dependency dkms from the boot stick i was using. It was my usual work day - firefox with 2-10 tabs, one tab with music player, few consoles, running tests (ruby on rails applications), skype, slack (chat) in firefox, 50% brightness, have a peek here Another similar annoyance is that the power button is also backlit all the time.

It is like buying a supercar to find out the throttle is imprecise. Dell Xps 13 9350 Developer Edition Try to run powercfg -batteryreport in cmd. TurboBoost works as it should as well, both on battery or when plugged in.

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Reply Andrei Girbea September 21, 2016 at 12:05 pmThat sound like in imperfect contact, I think you could ask a specialized Dell Service in your are to have a look and We've also had trackpad scrolling issues crop up recently. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Ubuntu 16.04 Xps 13 9343 Double-click Speakers / Headphones.

Last edited by frank604 (2015-11-18 21:00:08) github bible screenshot Offline #16 2015-11-18 21:45:45 condensator Member Registered: 2015-11-16 Posts: 6 Re: Dell XPS 13 9350 Late 2015 jyc Reader comments Dell XPS 13 audio problems? Carlos Ng The new Bios 07 is out…hope this update will fix my black screen after suspend even though it is fix for most of the ppl. Check This Out However, Chrome and other 3rd party apps like Spotify do not respond well.

Still, if you plan to keep it for a while, I'd get the version with 8 GB of RAM if possible. 4 GB are barely enough for daily use these days the review is what i referenced primarily when trying to troubleshoot it. What should I do? On the Dell XPS 13 9343, some bugs have been fixed and some new bugs have appear.

For now, if I want to listen to music I have to reboot and bump my headset microphone boost which sucks. Weight and size are obviously a premium consideration for me as I'll be lugging the thing on my back. When I plug in my headphones, I don't get sound. Offline #15 2015-11-18 19:55:22 frank604 Member From: BC, Canada Registered: 2011-04-20 Posts: 1,174 Website Re: Dell XPS 13 9350 Late 2015 @jyc.

Deathalo, Jul 21, 2016 #13 Like Share bluecatoutside New Member Seems strange the XPS 15 works (sorta) and the XPS 13 can't work at the moment.