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XPS 13 9360 And DA-200: Repeated USB Disconnects


English Hacker News new | comments | show | ask | jobs | submit login New XPS 13 Developer Edition Lands in Europe, United States and Canada ( 257 points Now, in hindsight, I'd probably go for integrated Ethernet, but I also do a lot of embedded development for which I'm going to be highly dependent on dongles and hubs anyhow. After this /opt/lm32/bin should contain a bunch of useful cross-compile tools, eg: [email protected]:/opt/lm32/bin$ ls lm32-elf-addr2line lm32-elf-gcc-6.2.0 lm32-elf-gprof lm32-elf-readelf lm32-elf-ar lm32-elf-gcc-ar lm32-elf-ld lm32-elf-run lm32-elf-as lm32-elf-gcc-nm lm32-elf-ld.bfd lm32-elf-size lm32-elf-c++filt lm32-elf-gcc-ranlib lm32-elf-nm lm32-elf-strings lm32-elf-cpp Finally assume, again not entirely hypothetically, that no software can be installed on the bastion host, and that it runs Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS (hey, there is at least a month Source

Consult Intel graphics for a detailed installation and configuration guide as well as for Troubleshooting. I use E7470 too. The main challenge was that the supplied multi-colour LED was a common anode rather than common cathode LED -- which meant the common line was Vcc rather than Gnd, and the This Update from the dell website worked for me: installing this update the mouse and keyboard issues are gone!!!! 🙂 Bob Boerner December 2, 2016 Reply Thanks for posting!

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If they put the bezel on top, they'd have to invest more money into the display hinge as well instead of whatever cheap plastic parts they currently use. Originally I assumed that was an assembly error on my part, but after rechecking the board (and adding the remaining components I had originally skipped, due to time constraints, in case If they care about what you're saying, your house is already bugged. scurvy 131 days ago What if you need it one day?

So now with the Sputniks coming with Thunderbolt, look at TB docks (you should be anyway) and this won't be a problem.> The headphone port is very noisy with Linux. This involved creating a custom configuration to run Apache 2.2 with: Listen # Access control functionality LoadModule authz_host_module /usr/lib/apache2/modules/ # Proxy functionality LoadModule proxy_module /usr/lib/apache2/modules/ LoadModule proxy_http_module /usr/lib/apache2/modules/ LoadModule proxy_connect_module I like that Elementary tries to emulate what drew developers to macs 2006-2010 (prior to Mac App Store when you got apps by downloading them and didn't have to control-click to Dell Xps 13 9350 Linux Can you let us know if your system has the Dell-branded Broadcom Wi-Fi adapter or an Intel Wi-Fi adapter?

The 5 year lifetime is more of a money question, I'd prefer a new system in 3 years. polack 131 days ago I think quite many of us developers are Dell Xps 13 Arch Linux 2016 If you don't want to join the effort to fix the drivers, or you can't wait some months until the community fixes the drivers, you should get an older model. Higher values than 1 are not available for kaby lake CPUs. Search Help 1270followers2924likes8249subscribers370postsFollow us on TwitterMy TweetsSubscribe to Blog via EmailEnter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.Join 691 other subscribers Email

With those changes the same minimal configuration approach should work with Apache 2.4. (Full Apache 2.4 example config.) Posted Tue Mar 7 09:15:35 2017 Tags: linux tech tip Numato Mimas v2 Dell Da200 Bob Boerner March 8, 2017 Reply Hi Jesse,Thanks for posting and sharing your experience. You can remove tape from the web cam, but a needle is quite permanent. poizan42 131 days ago I would think that the microphone is connected to the motherboard with It works as expected from incognito mode. userbinator 131 days ago Why couldn't they do something like this? bmurphy1976 131 days ago They should have done something like this,

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GuC is a small proprietary binary blob released by intel to update the GuC binary in faster intervals than the kernel release does. This thing uses a proprietary technology called Display Link and the support for Linux is just awful, there's a closed source driver but I wasn't able to connect more than one Arch Linux Xps 13 9360 Import duties for computers are 0% in EU. manaskarekar 131 days ago I'm curious, did they install and configure laptop-mode-tools, tlp and/or intel powertop on linux? Aldo_MX 131 days Arch 9350 I don't need to switch to airplane mode after a reboot now.

MicroPython on FPGA GitHub repositories Tim Ansells's notes, which describe what some of these setup steps do HDMI2USB Getting Started document -- a lot of the setup/build steps are relevant here this contact form Build From a terminal which has not entered the Xilinx ISE WebPACK environment, set the desired PLATFORM and TARGET to select what will be built, then enter the upy-fpga environment: cd Since I updated the router firmware, the display adapter has worked perfectly. It is also available on LiveJournal as ewen_mcneill, and Dreamwidth as ewen_mcneill_feed. Arch Xps 13

We also obtained a XPS 9360, and in our limited testing it appears our specific example may be affected by the same problem that requires lowering the Wi-Fi transmit power or After I threw that away and bought a pair of these [1] USB 3.0 to HDMI/VGA/Eth/USB dongles plugged into a 7 port USB hub, I've had no trouble, and no sacrifice Flash verification successful... In our internal testing with the Dell XPS 13 9350 and Dell XPS 9550 (non-hybrid) both of our USB-C docks work well.

on Bluetooth Audio Problems? Dell Tb15 Dock Plugable is different from a lot of other companies in that when we send replacements they are tested at length by a human being in our lab. Posted by StephanVierkant on 3 Apr 2017 5:24 Verified Answer Verified by StephanVierkant I think Power Management (TLP) is the problem.

with output something like: (H2U P=mimasv2 T=base R=nextgen) [email protected]:~/work/naos/src/upy-fpga/upy-fpga-litex-gateware$ ./ --override-firmware micropython/firmware.fbi Gateware @ 0x00000000 ( 341436 bytes) build/mimasv2_base_lm32/gateware/top.bin - Xilinx FPGA Bitstream ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff

ETA, 2017-03-07: Useful Getting Starting with Numato Mimas v2 blog post, with lots of reference pictures and a slightly different small example (linked from the Knowledgebase tab of the Numato Mimas The "Proxy *" section is intended to allow access only from localhost itself. Thanks. Dell Xps 13 Kaby Lake Coil Whine Firstly we can build a complete flash image including MicroPython instead of the default firmware.

Hopefully my wifi performance and bluetooth performance doesnt drop!!! sL5DdSMmkekro [FLTERM] Received firmware download request from the device. [FLTERM] Uploading kernel (180724 bytes)... [FLTERM] Upload complete (1.6KB/s). [FLTERM] Booting the device. [FLTERM] Done. No? Check This Out In other words, as long as SATA controller don't go into deep sleep (i.e.

Package plan for installation in environment /home/ewen/work/naos/src/upy-fpga/upy-fpga-litex-gateware/build/conda: The following packages will be UPDATED: flterm: 0+git20160123_1-0 timvideos --> 2.4_15_gd17828f-0 timvideos flterm-2.4_15_ 100% |################################| Time: 0:00:01 6.17 kB/s (H2U P=mimasv2 T=base R=nextgen) [email protected]:~/work/naos/src/upy-fpga/upy-fpga-litex-gateware$ This is very interesting. The description does not mention the 9360 model, and the name of the executable includes the phrase, " Dell_Dock_USB_TYPE-C_PATCH…" Trying to browse for this update manually for either the 9350 and The GuC binary for kaby lake is included since firmware release linux-firmware 20170217 in the official repository.

Convert that into a firmware.bin file that can be uploaded to the Mimas v2 with: PATH="${PATH}:/opt/lm32/bin" make build/firmware.bin CROSS=1 ETA, 2017-03-13: Apparently one should copy the contents of the build/mimasv2_base_lm32/software/include/generated from If I'm listening to someone else I usually look at the screen, if I'm speaking I'm looking at the lens.To echo what @StavrosK said, I don't think that looking at the its only there to tick the box on their marketing material humanrebar 131 days ago Are webcams that hard to configure? morganvachon 131 days ago I think you misunderstood. Maybe this is an older machine from some old stock lying around somewhere, but the problem is definitely not fixed.