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XPS 13 9360 Touchpad Random Clicks


DO NOT BUY THIS LAPTOP if you care about the touch functionality. You might have to scroll down a bit. Right click PS/2 Mouse in Device Manager and select Update Driver Software. 5. The overall quality of the product is better than the ThinkPad X1 Carbon and MacBook Pro that I considered. have a peek here

Shop: Surface Studio | New Surface Book | Xbox One S Bundles | NEW Dell XPS 13" Can you hear me now? After forced reboot, an error message pops up and the wizard tries to install the audio driver again. Graphics lag back with Windows Creator's update2 · 1 comment Dell XPS 13 (9350) - Speakers at Max Volume Issue· 7 comments Killing the Killer 1535· 1 comment Does motherboard replacement mean CPU replacement?1 · 3 comments Help - Paul Menzel (paulmenzel) wrote on 2017-03-17: #25 Has somebody found a way already, on how to produce it reliably.

Dell Xps 13 Touchpad Gestures

systemd-boot will work with current kernels. Remember: the tests on this device may not be applicable to the touchscreen/i7 versions! 1) Download the Win10 Pro N version using this tool. FILES="/etc/modprobe.d/modprobe.conf" ...

Any questions/remarks/tips? Secondly, I talked to the Dell support, and they suggested to blacklist the module `psmouse` [1]. The "default" non-Precision touchpad is great in terms of responsiveness, but the lack of gestures is a deal breaker for me. Dell Xps 13 Touchpad Scroll Sound Hissing/Crackling noises when using headphones Some people reported white hissing/crackling noises when using headphones.

Someone please tell me they are releasing better drivers for this thing.Click to expand... Dell Xps 13 Trackpad Jumping Linux kernel 4.3 or earlier If you are using an older kernel 4.3 or earlier, you also require the kernel parameter i915.preliminary_hw_support=1, see Intel graphics#Skylake support. (For later kernels 4.3+ or I have tried to disable and re-enable tap to click in Settings but it continues. Restarting the X server might be required.

Mostly Internet browsing (Chromium), I seemed to be able to cause the issue after rapidly moving the cursor on the touchpad. Dell Xps 13 Touchpad Driver Select your soundcard with F6 and set the headset-gain to 22 (3rd lever from the left) or use the amixer command: $ amixer -c 0 cset 'numid=10' 1 numid=10,iface=MIXER,name='Headphone Mic Boost Swiping an gestures usually work in that mode. Conclusions so far: The bottom line: Win10 does not solve any of the reported issues in 8.1 for the Dell XPS 13.

Dell Xps 13 Trackpad Jumping

So I know it's capable of being good...they just need to release some proper drivers EDIT 2 - Also, I notice that the trackpad is receiving input in Windows with my Set to Off or AHCI (AHCI is recommended) before attempting to install Arch. Dell Xps 13 Touchpad Gestures I really like this machine except that about 4 times in the past couple weeks I had issues with the tap-to-click feature on the touch pad. Dell Xps 13 Touchpad Settings Property: "Synaptics Finger" 3.

HiDPI#Multiple displays) can result in display freezes with no clear journalctl or Xorg error logs. navigate here Alternatively, you can retrieve the firmware directly from the Windows driver by yourself. Like 0 Reply You have posted to a forum that requires a moderator to approve posts before they are publicly available. Combined with a razor-thin profile of 0.33 inches and low weight of 2.8 pounds, the XPS 13 is a marvel of mobile computing.Pixel perfectThe XPS 13 delivers an incredible 5.7 million Dell Xps 13 Touchpad Replacement

Tweaking the touchpad A couple of quick tweaks to the touchpad can make a big difference. 1. My small touches will wake up the keyboard, but the cursor does not move at all. Linux kernel 4.8 or later power savings Warning: The following options of the i915 module taint the kernel, use at your own risks! Check This Out Note: Cycling the Port (from Main Microphone to Headset Microphone (unplugged), and back) of the Input Devices tab in the pavucontrol application, has the same effect of the above instructions.

If we can't solve this, I have to RMA this laptop. Dell Xps 13 Trackpad Not Working Right click and disable both HID-compliant touch pad and I2C HID Device. 3. Type system restore.

Libinput driver For better multi-touch support, you can use xf86-input-libinput.

I had the same problem with the trackpad and even more problems with the keyboard. Post your current touchpad settings (using synclient) and I'll set mine up the same way to try to help. Be productive with Office, Skype with friends, watch movies and play games with Xbox, or access files anywhere with OneDrive.Support from Answer DeskEnjoy worry-free technical support and protection. Dell Xps 13 9350 Trackpad Driver Tried so many methods still no luck.

It's a common problem, especially the 9343 model, so you're not alone. Rebuild your initial ramdisk image (see Mkinitcpio#Image creation and activation). Installing xf86-input-libinput is sufficient for proper mouse support plus it also handles the touchscreen - see libinput for configuration. this contact form I still have it and also tried to use the X11 Synaptics driver instead of libinput.

Store the update binary on your EFI partition (/boot/EFI) or on a USB flash drive, reboot, and choose BIOS Update in the F12 boot menu. For the late 2015 model, see Dell XPS 13 (9350).