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XPS 15 9550 -- Can't RDP In When Lid Is Closed

How can I build a Nuclear Reactor in my backyard? DELL.COM > Community > Support Forums > Laptop > General Hardware > XPS 15 9550 -- can't RDP in when lid is closed Shop > Home & Home Office > Small Can that easily be replace with a NVIDIA® Quadro® K5000M with 4GB GDDR5 -- Dell Part number [320-3727]? Microsoft is already updating the setup/first-run experience to inform the users about the telemetry options and let them opt-out.Every Windows Update that I've installed on my SP4 has reset these settings Source

Still not exactly as smooth or integrated as bash/zsh on OSX.OS X has better multi monitor DPI handling, more dev tools written for it (brew blows chocolatey out of the park), But i think it is matter of personal preference. I am past wasting lots of time trying several combinations of drivers. As this is not a supported method, Microsoft ignores the user's clear preferences and turns it back on with every major OS update. can indeed opt-out of ads, you're correct there.

But nothing has ever crashed, graphics and SSD performance are what the hardware offers, even sleep works flawlessly. The hackintosh community is also extremely unprofessional, with many tools still on sourceforge, some doing strange things that appeared to me to be attempts to get paid for work incorporating GPL The driver is up to date; I checked for new drivers. The coil whine issue is actively beeing worked on and Intel is working on a software solution for the WLAN problems.

Even if you had one with the lowly Core i3, a 1080p display, SSD and the big battery I can't see how that would be possible. Available with HDD + caching 32 gig SSD or PCIe SSDs in a variety of capacities. These configurations have the smaller 56 Whr battery. thanks very much.

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Other than that, the new touchpad is a NIGHTMARE! I never actually consistently got the App Store working, and my built in wifi wasn't supported without replacement, the power management was wonky (and the hack to disable the unsupported 940m Under advanced power options, the ... I've not really pushed much at the edges on it but it seems pretty complete. sp0ck 66 days ago Yes - that was my assumption too, after reading how they

You need about 2 months to accurately hit right-click. The audio software isn't all bad--when it's turned off the speakers sound anemic and timid. The Battery is stuck at 86% and isn't charging nor discharging. No AC, usb peripherals, nothing.

An Intel card was recommended instead. Presumably it's comparable. haspok 66 days ago They did not fix the coil whine. It has the same fast quad core Intel CPUs you'll find in serious gaming laptops, the 15" Retina MacBook Pro, Dell Precision, Asus ZenBook Pro and the HP ZBook 15. XP?

It's fast, stable and reliable. Nexxxeh 65 days ago Now, mostly, maybe. this contact form do lots of remote desktop too ... The stereo speakers are incredibly loud but they sound distorted and buzzy at the default Dell EQ settings. Please enter a valid ZIP code or city, state.

Has anyone else this problem or knows a solution? My advice to anyone looking for more than very occasional "off power" use of this machine would be to avoid the 60W/Hr model. 3 hour battery life is really not acceptable This LVM contains /home (as well as /var, /opt and /usr). The surface texture feels just right--not too slick or sticky and the buttons hidden beneath the trackpad feel balanced in their force requirements.

Would like to use one with a smaller draw to at least keep unit topped off. At this time I no longer feel that this supposed "2-in-1" is capable of being more than an oversized overheating tablet. On OSX devs only have to target a small number of High DPI resolutions. NTripleOne 66 days ago But the challenge has nothing to do with the resolution, it's entirely


Never had to worry about drivers or setting up anything, it just works out of the box.I'm sure it is possible to start fiddling around and configure stuff if you need/want As you might guess, if you're coming from a desktop keyboard, ThinkPad or older and thicker Dell laptop, it will take time to adjust to the short key travel. jerryyyyyy, Jun 12, 2014 #2794 hoopsomuah Newbie Reputations: 0 Messages: 2 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: 5 Sorry if I'm asking this in the wrong place, couldn't find an Owners thread. It's a great OS, by far the most stable OS I have ever used. Majestic121 66 days ago That's not my experience at all.

Thanks :)

0 0 08/04/16--12:00: XPS 15 9550 and S.M.A.R.T. My trackpad skips around horribly on my xps13. tty bluetooth bluez asked Mar 19 at 20:51 31k3 312 3 votes 0answers 36 views nc -e not on Mac OS? DO NOT WANT! (And do not use, except for one machine that I'm forced to use to support some customers). DanBC 66 days ago Ads now appear in the start

That said, graphic designers, photographers and video editors will want that lush 4K high gamut panel that offers much wider color coverage than the outgoing XPS 15's 4K display. What ads are you talking about? However, calling it "they simply hate" without taking their reasons into consideration is pure ignorance, that doesn't move the debate anywhere.Btw, can Windows 10 use Kerberos auth from KDC that is And yes, Dell's coil whine is gone.

When exporting 1080p long videos (like our YouTube video reviews) or playing Fallout 4, the fan is quite audible but not room-blasting loud. Win10 is what 8 should have been. No thanks. corv 66 days ago HiDPI support across the Windows ecosystem is still horrible. topranks 66 days ago In fairness it's handled quite well by Windows I feel,