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XPS 15 9550 External Monitor Screen Flicker Through Thunderbolt 3 Port


It's got a nice design and it is also light. Glad to hear that replacing the Dell card with the Intel unit while using the latest BIOS has helped. Replace it with an Intel WLAN chip such as the 8260. Especially wanted:German-English-Translator-Details hereReview Editor-Details hereNews Editor-Details here Dell XPS 15 2016 in review – are there now more questions than we had before?For the original German review, see here. have a peek here

Thx Darren Bob Boerner August 26, 2016 Reply Thanks for the kind words, glad you found our post useful! Positive: Twisting the cover, and even the lifting of the device at this spot, does not result in ripples on the screen. This creates a few issues such as returning the laptop if it is a lemon which I've read is fairly likely to be the case, as getting a refund will probably I now am willing to use the touchpad because of the Spin and XPS are that good for me (ONLY with those setting changes).For me, the XPS 15 9550, does not

Dell Thunderbolt Dock Drivers

It is a great concept but simply poorly executed. PCMark 7 | PCMark 8 PCMark 7 System Storage (sort by value)Dell XPS 15 2016 9550GeForce GTX 960M, 6300HQ, WDC WD10SPCX-75KHST0 + LiteON CS1-SP32-11 M.2 2242 32GB 4526 Points ∼63% Apple SO, my question for you is - what should I buy instead? so almost certainly.

Good luck and thanks for posting this! The trick here is that it has the DisplayPort inputs and outputs needed to properly daisy chain the monitors. The Lite-On chip uses two flash packages from Hynix, 256 MB DDR3-1333 (DRAM cache) and a Silicon Motions SM2246EN controller. Dell Da200 Windows 10 Driver Two examples are that: 1) you have to plug speakers into the computer's audio jack after the computer is attached to the dock and booted and 2) you have to be

What I don't like about this laptop is that there is no indicator light that it's turned on when the lid is closed. graphics-card gpu external-display thunderbolt dell-precision asked Mar 20 at 21:11 user1563721 213238 0 votes 0answers 33 views Switch between external monitors [duplicate] I have three monitors (laptop internal + 2 externals I also don't have a use for the 4k resolution and am happy to avoid problems that come with scaling in Windows. Its 3-antennae design lets it perform well when it works, but it constantly drops signals where other devices get full connections.

Can you benefit from this array or will you just be annoyed by the slow hard drive? Dell Wd15 Drivers When connected to an external monitor (1200x1920) via HDMI, the monitor flickers on and off. As a quick test to isolate the behavior, if you disconnect the Dell WD15 dock temporarily (we want to remove it from the equation) and connect the Plugable adapter directly to I'm glad I looked into them. HCIdivision17 107 days ago See, I can't use the OSX interface.

Dell Thunderbolt Dock Issues

Windows suffered from the same problem, for what it is worth."Suffered" because if you have updated your BIOS Intel has automagically updated their driver, so Windows is good now. Refresh rate 60hz.Published 2 months ago by Shan5.0 out of 5 starsIts cheap and efficientI own a Lenovo Yoga 900 (4th Gen) and this little guy helped me out while using Dell Thunderbolt Dock Drivers Mine was one that came with dell original wifi, working perfectly. witty_username 108 days ago There are USB WiFi dongles for 2$; I use one of those with the R8188EU Dell Xps 13 Thunderbolt Port Bob Boerner November 25, 2016 Reply Hi Martin,Thanks for taking the time to share your results.

Would be happy to be proven wrong by some company that provides such quality and after sales service. mercer 107 days ago Yeah, it kinda sucks, but after doing a Now it has the following issues: 1. Just a minor correction, the battery in the previous (early 2016 - 9350) model was actually 52W, not 56. jdmichal 108 days ago I'm guessing the extra space is going Reputations: 141 Messages: 2,799 Likes Received: 882 Trophy Points: 131 coldvodka said: ↑ My replacement unit just did this tonight...Screen would flicker and freeze the entire laptop if I picked it Dell Adapter Usb-c

Also just delete Dell update. Bought this and plugged it into my Lenovo 910. Reply Douglas Black April 25, 2016 at 6:23 amHonestly those are both questions I can't answer for you. Check This Out Reply Douglas Black March 11, 2016 at 6:58 amYou're welcome, Max!Douglas Reply Luyuan20 March 11, 2016 at 12:52 pmThe fan on this laptop is the worst thing ever.

The same applies for theRadeon R9 M370Xof the MacBook 15 Pro, even though the upper-mainstream chip only falls behind by 13% on average. Dell Wd15 Firmware Bob Boerner November 21, 2016 Reply Hi Mujtaba,Thanks for posting and sharing your experience. Update: Fixed by using Samsung’s NVME driversCPU does not downclock properly occasionally after switching to battery power.Occasional screen flashes/artifacts on desktop from Intel iGPU drivers.The Dell USB-C Trinity Dock (yours for

Load scenarios are a real challenge for the XPS 15, the cooling can hardly manage the heat in the stress test, despite the massive throttling.

Some users in forums reported stuck keys (Del, Space sticky), but our two review units did not have this problem.TouchpadThe very good glass ClickPad works precisely and is probably one of I'll ask Andrei Reply Ace01 March 23, 2016 at 8:19 pmI don't know FPS but what I do know is that playing Crysis 2 with custom gaming power profile, left the This is such a common topics among Ubuntu users and there are so many solutions about that. Dell Xps 15 Usb C If anyone wants the link, let me know and I'll try to track it down.Now I'm going to order the DBrand white Dell logo for the lid and white cover for

One of our testers mentioned that as well for his review unit, even though he noticed a red hue. I have a clean Windows 10 install and have followed some of your tips: 1) make sure HyperV is disabled, 2) make a registry "TdrDelay" file, 3) latest BIOS, and 4) on Bluetooth Audio Problems? My laptop has the Killer Wireless 1535 network adapter.

Going to the Dell site and looking for updates, reminds me of 2001!!!!!! When you install the intel 2×2 card, you'll connect the black and white antennae but the grey will remain unplugged. The 15-inch XPS 15 is obviously better and faster, because instead of the 15-Watt ULV SoC, it is equipped with ani5-6300HQand aGeForce GTX 960M. The only downside of this coating is that it smudges easily from the oils on your hands, and you’ll need a microfiber cloth to keep it clean.

I haven't tried the thunder bolt port but I would rather use HDMI. Pixel array XPS 15 FHD.Our review unit is equipped with the matte FHD version of the IPS panel. Page 71 of 173 < Prev 1 ← 69 70 71 72 73 → 173 Next > coldvodka Newbie Reputations: 0 Messages: 1 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: 5 iMeee said: Visiting from my german IP yields the same result.

I just uploaded it to YouTube and it says it's processing so it might take a while to show but the link is: closely this time around, I guess I'm The Killer wireless card in the new 9360 does not appear to have a method via the Windows driver or the Killer utilities to lower the transmit power of the adapter, The Dell sandwich look, not so much. There is actually no BIOS option to deactivate the cache partner, so we would call it a hybrid system.Slow hard drive?Not at all, at least CrystalDiskMark and AS SDD determine high

If it happens, I am buying it and I am not going to look at the price tag. dgudkov 107 days ago If only they return the ThinkLight -- that Simple: At 15″, I'd have to use Windows display scaling to make stuff not too tiny. The charger is very slim. It seems that when the system wakes up, even though the Airplane icon is visible at the bottom right, it is still using wireless, and the jerky mouse problem persists.

Reply S March 12, 2016 at 7:31 pmI'm thoroughly satisfied with my unit after some heavy tinkering (i5 FHD model, put m2 SATA SSD with AHCI setup. The luminance of up to 400 cd/m² and the contrast of more than 1,000:1 are a good start for the display. After at least twelve hours of messing around with drivers, re-installing the factory image after installing hundreds of dollar of apps, and hours of support interaction with clueless support people working Now there is one thing that I've noticed about the display but it's a build issue.