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Credit: / Brendan Nystedt Seriously, the 4K InfinityEdge display is incredible to behold in person.Whether you're watching movies or going through the batch of photos you just shot, I highly It's also going to outperform the weaker AMD Radeon chips in the more expensive MacBook Pro 15, where you have to spend $200 extra dollars just to get the same amount Credit: / Brendan Nystedt The keyboard on the XPS is pretty good, and it has a comfortable, familiar layout.Because inside most of the XPS 15 models you can buy, there's Even though Apple puts amazing screens in its MacBook Pros, even the 15-inch MacBook Pro is a lower-than-4K res, so you can't preview what you're editing in quite the have a peek here

Built-in software also makes it a snap to preview your content using different color standards. With the 1050 GPU, you're getting the equivalent of mid- to high-performance from a slightly older GPU but that doesn't use nearly as much power. Even though most laptops with dual-core processors, like the

HP Spectre X360 are plenty quick, nothing quite beats having four powerful CPU cores at your disposal.

That said, the Intel processor But the main attraction is Dell's awesome InfinityEdge high-res screen, featuring wide color gamut that is capable of displaying 100% of AdobeRGB for all you color-minded people out there.

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This notebook is a delicious Oreo of tech, except the cookies are made from aluminum, and the crème is black carbon fiber. You can opt for a dual-core i3 on the low end, and a quad i5 or i7 in the rest of the lineup. First, there's that screen. Build quality, ports, and creature comforts are top-notch If you were worried that the XPS 15 skimps on the good stuff just because it's less money than the competing MacBook Pro,

What's even cooler is that this is 4K, which is great for video pros who want to view their content at 1:1. This is part of the latest generation of Nvidia graphics, and it gives you a big efficiency boost over previous years' GPU options. Sure, the HD screen is perfectly acceptable and recommended for people who want longer battery life. Dell Xps 8910 Special Edition Vignews Main menu Skip to content Pendidikan Komputer Asuransi Keuangan Kesehatan Wisata Noise Level Of XPS 8910 Fast new GPUs and 7th

Sure, it's not going to game at the highest levels, but when Photoshop or Premiere need a boost, it's ideal.