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Yoga 260: Fingerprint Not Working Until Restart

I ran this command to fix it then: find ~/.steam/root/ \( -name "*" -o -name "*" -o -name "*" -o -name "*" \) -print -delete and now Steam launch without any I feel this distro is a winner already. It is reaally fast. Kernel issue???

I noticed that when the update manager was installing one of the packages, one of the error message was : "no support for locale en_AU_uft8 (or something very similar)". Dell M4800: - A cracking sound from speaker at cinnamon startup, maybe from powering up the sound card? - Optimus Graphic: When right clicking on nvidia icon, the menu pops up The error is….. Thomas says: June 30th, 2016 at 5:57 pm Hello, unfortunately my problems with LM 18 Cinnamon in a virtual machine of VMware fusion which I remarked in the Beta-Blog still exist.

Also the logon screen changed. I tested cinnamon 18 on a vm with Opensuse Leap 42.1 and received the same graphic mistakes on cinnamon (transparency of windows…) using open-vm-tools. And I installed mbpfan, a fan control daemon for MacBook, replacing the old macfanctld. What else is the user expected to do at this situation?

looks more "Wow" than the grey login prompt. - Optimus Graphic: Is it possible to avoid passwort authentication for graphic switching? Congrats! This next problem is probably an upstream problem. d says: July 1st, 2016 at 8:12 am Hey guys I know you all are getting into the graphical pieces and fine tuning.

I just had a quick look at Cinamon and Mate by installing them as VMs under Virtualbox. Innocent Bystander: What is the best file system for /boot partition? The desktop and all windows works, but the panel and other "cinnamon layers" don't react for mouse. (cannot add a second panel, the corner functions don't work) Maybe you can help Thank you for your help, if no solution is found I'll have to downgrade to Mint 17 🙁 PS: I tried with Ubuntu 16.04 -> same issue, although setting boxes are

crivelphagor says: June 10th, 2016 at 1:41 am Hi, Clem. It looks amazing. Also, why not just entirely hide that unclickable stuff until it *is* clickable? 3.2 Kernel manager introductory text: ‘By default your computer will boot with the most recent kernel installed' - Works from time to time.

But I didn't have this problem in Linux Mint 18. Syr3f says: July 2nd, 2016 at 1:12 pm Congratulation! debbie wright says: June 30th, 2016 at 10:46 pm Alantic News Network Exchange. rjvencken says: July 2nd, 2016 at 8:25 pm I have the exact same problem as described in msg 104.

unsupported splx structure My wifi module is Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 2. his comment is here Use it! I do this to be able to switch out an OS without affecting data. PS: I had to disable UEFI legacy boot in the BIOS before I could install GRUB on my Samsung 950 PRO M2 SSD disk.

But Nepal Telecom server gives awesome downloading speed. MINT thought it was empty (it was full and the UPS not engaged) and decided to shut itself off, but did some really weird things instead. After reboot, it works. this contact form Some things I found so far Great job.

Very solid, no bugs found so far. base) of Linux Mint 18.x,expect most Ubuntu bugs to creep into Linux Mint.!! Edit by Clem: I don't feel like we let anyone down, quite the opposite.

To resume, in sound settings : * Mint 18 Cinnamon -> no analog output device (so no sound from my PC speakers) * Mint 18 Mate : no S/PDIF output device

It takes over 10 seconds for the "Input Method" in system preferences to display correctly. 5. Eyes slowly getting accustomed to new dark theme and colors. :)) Mint Y Dark - Not sure if I am the only one who feel this but Libreoffice menu bar are It takes about 23 to 24 seconds, until the black screen gets replaced by the wallpaper and the system gets usable. Apparently, the point releases of the LTS kernel 4.4.x were patched, however Ubuntu - and because of this, Mint too - uses 4.4.0, which has this bug still around.

Why wait. Cosmo. Also, there`s no option anymore to individually colorize the folder icons in Nemo. Why not switch to clementine as the default music player ?

First of all, I cannot wait for the release, I have never been so hyped on an OS release, mostly because finally new repositories (being outdated gave me some problems) and The dark theme looks very nice but too flat for my taste. but lm 17.3 works fine. especially the mint-y stuff.

Fernando says: June 30th, 2016 at 7:49 pm Please everyone that are downloading consider to donate something. Este fin de semana instalaremos LM Sarah Cinnamon en mis equipos.