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Yoga 900 13ISK2 - No Storage Controller Driver

The Arch wiki is filled with tips for best running Linux. Did you solve it? Me gustaría tener la 13ISK2 por el pcie que supongo que solo mejora el ancho de banda y la iris 540 que es el doble de rápida con el mismo consumo Don't say anything about whether the problem will be fixed.

For the last 11 months, they were silent on why this machine was configured this way. permalinkembedsavegive goldload more comments(4 replies)load more comments(29 replies)[–]abhishekkakkar 215 points216 points217 points 6 months ago(25 children)UPDATE: Lenovo admins just locked the forum thread. It all is a vast conspiracy and MS and Windows have not changed in 20 years Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin Re: (Score:3) by BlueStrat ( 756137 ) writes: So says The installation will not be able to download updates unless you use a USB Ethernet dongle.

Thanks Microsoft! :( Alternatives (Score:2) by Qbertino ( 265505 ) writes: Purism []System76 []Tuxedo Computers []Luckyly we have those now. Moreover, each distro tends to incorporate new kernel changes at different paces, and it makes it hard to predict how soon support will arrive for new hardware.I'm not sure if this Maybe, Intel's proprietary fake-RAID was able to create 2 virtual SSDs out of 1 SSD.

And then I put my nail under the upper right corner, and did the same thing. I also think that locking down the thread and editing peoples comments and then blaming forum posters for being "disruptive" was uncalled for, and they're obviously trying to turn this around permalinkembedsaveparentgive goldload more comments(6 replies)[–]aperture_synce 5 points6 points7 points 6 months ago(0 children)Which should actually render a large number of patents useless (so many that do X but on a mobile device - The problem is that the bios does not allow moving from RAID to AHCI.

Bear in mind that Lenovo only began removing the AHCI option from the BIOS setup in the Yoga 900 Ultrabooks in May 2016. ……. Both of those are locked down in similar ways, possibly even more severely.If Microsoft want's to make a version of Windows that requires their own hardware specifications AND is able to Even so, LibreOffice looks better than many other Linux apps which don’t have recognizable icons. well, the aluminum turned to plastic and looking for spare would usually be met with the request to spare them the hassle and wouldn't you rather want a new one...Sorry.

It was uneven and distracting and made it much louder. They deleted the thread about my reply from them on Best Buy before I made this post. if i put it in legacy the bios shows the hard drive as 'none'.I've tried to load windows 10 in both legacy and UEFI modes and and it can't see the It means you are mitigating or bypassing a problem without eliminating it.

At least thats how it is on my j5 permalinkembedsaveparentgive gold[–]DiabloTerrorGF 100 points101 points102 points 6 months ago(30 children)You are correct. Re: (Score:3) by FudRucker ( 866063 ) writes: i bet the percentage of Linux users is far higher than 1%, probably closer to 33%, that would mean Lenovo could lose out This super-flexible 2 in 1 bends, flips, and folds into four different modes, and comes loaded with 6th Gen Intel processing power and the customizable features of Windows 10. Lenovo went through a lot of work make the Yoga 910, but f*cked it up with the input mechanism.

It's fast since it uses the same Linux core. I've yet to see a decent linux-capable computer. Both of those are locked down in similar ways, possibly even more severely.I'm not sure about the Pixel, but from what I've read it's expected to support dual boot out of permalinkembedsaveparentgive gold[–]Cakiery 493 points494 points495 points 6 months ago(100 children)My phone has more freedom to pick an OS than that laptop.

Nice, huh? The issue with updated designs, from the Yoga 2 which worked flawlessly with Ubuntu 15.04 to the Yoga 3 and 900, is that the manufacturer inevitably decides to use different hardware Do the latest Lenovo Yoga 900 n 900S Ultrabooks hv 1 or 2 SSDs.? navigate here My response regarding Microsoft and Lenovo's effective joint statement: Microsoft and Lenovo got together and agreed on the lies that they would tell in response to this.

I also tried 15.10, 14.04 all with the same result. I have a 2nd gen one. Just threaten and bully people with the "We can make sure your posts are never seen." option.

My first thought was to flash it so I hope that wasn't the kill update.

Actions speak louder than words, and there's no technical reason other than the BIOS RAID mode lock why the Yoga 900 ISK2 and other affected systems wouldn't be great Linux machines. I responded because I partially disagreed with your earlier statement; I think it misses the point.It's a locked UEFI setting causing a problem: true. Even this teardown photo from January 2016 shows only one SSD. Even if your intent is to never run Linux, Lenovo is the first PC maker I've seen that ships computers that you can't even realistically (for the average user) reinstall Windows

Unfortunately, we found no stores within 100 miles, but we can always ship items to you. They talk about how much they love to support Linux and then say that they don't support Linux on many of their own laptops. And I don't know what to do. his comment is here Moreover, each distro tends to incorporate new kernel changes at different paces, and it makes it hard to predict how soon support will arrive for new hardware.I'm not sure if this

I do not know when the issue will be fixed. Use promo code SLASHDOT25. Reply Jan January 4, 2016 Hey Allan, I couldn't find bug reports for this on, do you know when this is supposed to be fixed upstream? Serious stability Made with 813 pieces of aluminum and steel, the durable watchband hinge won't wobble no matter how heavy-handed you get with the display.

Get the BBB involved.You obviously don't understand how the BBB works. The last thing I'd want is for the PC market to be more like cellphones. Basically, American copyright law is stupid. For understanding Reply D.S.

Fold it into a stand for a movie. I’d expect such a mistake from a company like Asus or Dell, not a company with the legacy of building typewriters that generations of Americans learned and worked on. permalinkembedsaveparentgive gold[–]MC_Cuff_Lnx 41 points42 points43 points 6 months ago(17 children)Can you get a-cups though? What is free software?

I really hope this issue will spread so that Lenovo learn that they made a bad move on this one.It also made me realize how important it is to have a However, I don’t see any mention of people using it in Blender yet, so I wonder the status and whether it is just demoware. Or lenova messed up their bios implementation. Windows said it didn't have the driver for the wifi card.