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Yoga 900 - New Machine - LPSS Driver Update Fails


commit 4cf193b4b2363bfed0b4e040e61f20d78192e2e0 Merge: 6ffeba9 b2467e7 Author: Linus Torvalds Date: Wed Nov 25 09:01:49 2015 -0800 Merge tag 'for-linus' of git:// Pull KVM fixes from Paolo Bonzini: "Bug fixes for all active state on We were incorrectly removing the active state from the physical distributor on the timer interrupt when the timer output level was deasserted. Everything went quite easy with not problems. As I did not find an external adapter I had to do all in two big steps, step one; using easeus todo backup, first a system backup and then smart backup this contact form

However, this issue turned out to be a software bug in the GIC, which was solved by: 84aab5e68c2a5e1e18d81ae8308c3ce25d501b29 (KVM: arm/arm64: arch_timer: Preserve physical dist. Microsoft Lifecam Driver Download -- The Easy Way System Restore Error 0x80070091 on Windows 10 [Solved] iPhone Won't Connect to WiFi - 4 Steps to Solve it Easily Battery Icon Missing The bulk free array is scanned is a progressive manor with a limited look-ahead facility. Doh.

Lenovo Yoga 900 Ssd Upgrade

The NVMe device driver, though, assumes that the DMA alignment for the PRP entries will match the device's page size, and that the DMA aligment matches the kernel's page aligment. Replacing the M.2 SSD As you can see in the screenshot above, 2280 M.2 SSD are really tiny - about the size of my thumb. It should work even faster as I guess it is optimized for the new Polaris controller of this brand new SSD.

And generally, the NVMe driver in this function should be using the IOMMU's page size for the default device page size, rather than the kernel's page size. Fixes: 5014c311baa2b(block: fix bogus compiler warnings in blk-merge.c) Cc: [email protected] #4.3 Reported-by: Michael Ellerman Reported-by: Mark Salter Tested-by: Laurent Dufour Tested-by: Mark Salter Signed-off-by: Ming Lei I did try to get the Samsung SSD 950 NVMe myself, but it was not available. Yoga 900 Teardown Performance data, compared against fallback bulking: bulk - fallback bulk - improvement with this patch 1 - 62 cycles(tsc) 15.662 ns - 49 cycles(tsc) 12.407 ns- improved 21.0% 2 - 55

download the driver from the support website instead of using the companion.Hope this answers your question.Did that, thanks. Lenovo Yoga 900 Ram Upgrade 16gb However, due to the low height there is no room for regular VGA or DisplayPort connectors. The Microsoft Accounts troubleshooter only reported "can't connect to the sync service". Acked-by: Marc Zyngier Signed-off-by: Mark Rutland Signed-off-by: Christoffer Dall commit 1d7a4e313abbc7200982e5a68121483a3aa32295 Author: Mark Rutland Date: Mon Nov 16 13:55:51 2015 +0000 arm64: kvm: avoid %p in __kvm_hyp_panic

The only downsides I found so far: glossy display, maximum SSD size is 512 GB, OS is Windows Home, not Pro. Lenovo Yoga Ssd Upgrade That, however, did not work for me; settings simply did not synchronize. This patch modifies __kvm_hyp_panic to stash the PAR_EL1 value prior to restoring host register values, enabling us to report the original values at the point of the panic. But that is easily dealt with: download and install the WiFi driver from Lenovo's driver site.

Lenovo Yoga 900 Ram Upgrade 16gb

commit 94521b2fd27b5ef43573f9f425a48839fa80ebaa Merge: 727cde6 41b85a1 Author: Linus Torvalds Date: Sun Nov 22 12:50:58 2015 -0800 Merge branch 'parisc-4.4-2' of git:// Pull parisc update from Helge Deller: "This patchset adds Huge This is not a big problem for Windows Pro installation (you just need Intel drivers to be integrated into Windows image). Lenovo Yoga 900 Ssd Upgrade It was so far understood that SW had to distinguish between AArch32 and AArch64 accesses (based on the current AArch32 mode and register number). Yoga 900 Clean Install schedule_tail+0x1e/0xd0 [] ? __init_kthread_worker+0x70/0x70 [] ret_from_fork+0x3f/0x70 [] ? __init_kthread_worker+0x70/0x70 The issue is that we've got the software context pinned while calling blk_flush_plug_list(), which flushes callbacks that are allowed to sleep.

The freelist is constructed directly in the page objects, without any synchronization needed. weblink This includes banked registers that are being demultiplexed over the 64bit ones. This is done to allow future extension of the bulk alloc API. what we are do this problum Reply Leave your comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Lenovo Yoga Ram Upgrade 16gb

This can confusingly lead to "(null)" being printed for the value. Thanks for any support. Since the unmap_range() code path (which contains one instance of the flawed test) is used both for HYP mappings and stage-2 mappings, and considering the difference between the two, it is After some investigation I found out we allocate elevator specific data in __get_request() only for non-flush requests.

Note, this is only an issue because the kernel is compiled with GCC option: -fno-strict-overflow In slab_alloc_node() the compiler inlines and optimizes the invocation of slab_post_alloc_hook(s, flags, 1, &object) by removing Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Ssd Upgrade commit b2467e744f89fcb2e723143c2b78bcbaf391828a Author: Haozhong Zhang Date: Wed Nov 25 17:21:39 2015 +0800 KVM: nVMX: remove incorrect vpid check in nested invvpid emulation This patch removes the vpid check when emulating Changed in linux (Ubuntu Xenial): status: Fix Committed → Fix Released Leann Ogasawara (leannogasawara) on 2016-04-05 Changed in intel: status: New → Fix Released See full activity log To post a

This is for Yoga 900 13ISK2 80UE.

Reviewed-by: Marc Zyngier Signed-off-by: Christoffer Dall commit 498cd5c32be6e32bc0f8efcad48ab094bb2bfdf3 Author: Marc Zyngier Date: Mon Nov 16 10:28:18 2015 +0000 arm64: KVM: Add workaround for Cortex-A57 erratum 834220 Cortex-A57 parts rbio_is_full+0x55/0x70 [btrfs] [] ? maybe_create_worker+0xf0/0xf0 [] ? Samsung Pm871 512gb Ssd Then provide you with new drivers instantly.

Came with Windows 1511, immediately upgraded to 1607. (impressed by the speed of the upgrade). If you have the right screwdrivers, that is. The advantage of this approach, would make it easier to make bulk alloc run without local IRQs disabled. Then create easeus todo backup WinPE USB drive, then swap the SSDs.

Keeping the same huge page size as one pmd will allow us to add transparent huge page support later on. In start menu type "Activation" and click "Change product key" in the upcoming dialog. Nobody has noticed until now, which says something about the level of testing sysvfs gets ;-/ Cc: [email protected] # all of them, not that anyone cared Signed-off-by: Al Viro commit The first one I bought did not work.

Flip the checks around a bit, so we can enable preempt a bit earlier and flush plugs without having preempt disabled.